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New cigar poetry is coming out in Driftwood, a juried publication of Brevard county writers covering a wide area of subjects in stories and poems. Other writings in the past four years appear in Space Coast Writers Guild themed books: Love and Rockets, Gratitude, Spring, Friends, Perseverance, Holidays, Florida, and Dreams (October, 2018).


Growing up in Brevard County, Florida, in the fifties and beyond, I lit up my first cigar when stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. There, White Owls, Hav-a-Tampas, Phillies, and Swisher Sweets inspired my poetry. Cigars disappeared as I managed consumer lending departments in Kansas City, Missouri, and then worked for a major advertising and marketing firm.


Jump forward 25 years, and with my return to Florida, I picked up a cigar at a party, then started with Garcia y Vega cigars in the little plastic sleeves. I dropped in on a small beachside cigar shop and worked my way through his $2 bin, then branched out to see what the world of leaf offered me.

Throughout this time, I wrote. The stick in hand inspired and ideas flowed from the first spark. If I am not talking, a cigar should generate 5-10 poems; some of the best are found in the stub.


As I write and meet patrons entering, leaving, or parking their presence in chairs or at bars, I share these writings and have received many good comments about them. Further, many of the patrons have inspired poems themselves as they share stories and experiences in and away from the cigar experience.


Frequently, I write outside. If I am paying the 'sunshine tax,' I might as well enjoy it. Little verandas and porches, patios with small tables in the USA or in the islands of the Caribbean suit me fine. They work well for conversations, too, because it is easier ...for me... to talk with someone if I am facing them.  However, conversation is the key, and I put my pen down if good thoughts are afloat with the scent of a good cigar or pipe.

While I have been writing since high school in the sixties, the leaf between fingers presents unique ideas which I am compelled to write in my journal and share with friends and, now, newer friends. At a local event, Nick Perdomo shared the fact that one of his friends has the same ability: give him a cigar, and the writing flows. Nice company, I figure.


My goal is to be candid and open, to be down to earth. I want to connect with those who grow tobacco and those who create the cigar; I want to reach those who enjoy a good cigar.


While I may present challenging ideas or wander as a wisp of smoke from a good cigar, my goal is to always leave the reader with a sense that we have spent time together in print much as we would in a cigar bar or cigar lounge. In that time together, we were rewarded with new ideas or new insights about life or work or family.


I welcome the chance to expand my cigar lounge visits; please drop a note my way if you would like me to visit your area, or if you would like to carry Spanish Cedar in your area.


Rolling into October, 2018, I am planning a trip to South Florida, visits to some shops along the way, and terminating in a visit to Perdomo's Miami office.


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Spanish Cedar

by Christopher Robin "Kit" Adams
Indialantic, Florida



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