Harry Smooth's Tobacco Shop

221 S Hopkins Ave.

Titusville, FL 32796



Located at the corner of Hopkins and Main just south of 406.


Hmm. What can I say. Harry is a character. Boisterous and always laughing, he banters raucously with patrons. Not for the faint of heart.  This is the only shop on the mainland north of SR520 to the north Brevard line. A few bar chairs give one a chance to part the backside, and no beverages are offered. A nice shop with a humidor, the benefit of sitting is catching much of the local flavor of historic Titusville. Folks will chat and I have had ideas stirred and collected, though I haven't written on location yet. Josh is the quieter person to assist when Harry's out. I learned here why people drink with their pinkies in the air; it trains the pinkie not to park on the quad where one can easily slice off the tip of a finger: I leaned my lesson well.

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Spanish Cedar

by Christopher Robin "Kit" Adams
Indialantic, Florida



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