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  • Paperback: 223 pages

  • Publisher: Blue Note Press, West Melbourne, FL 32934 (March 28, 2014)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN 978-0-9895563-3-0

  • Product Dimensions: 8” x 8” x .5”

  • Shipping Weight: 18 ounces

Spanish Cedar is now available online (here), in fine Brevard County cigar lounges, on Florida's East Coast in St. Augustine and Ormand Beach, and in Beaufort, South Carolina, and Maine. Coming to Georgia in December, 2018!


TITUSVILLE FL ...............Harry Smooth's Cigar Shop

ROCKLEDGE FL ..............Paradise Cigarz

COCOA BEACH FL ..........Cigars Etc.


MERRITT ISLAND FL........Smoke Rings

WEST MELBOURNE FL ....Jimmy's Cigar Shop

WEST MELBOURNE FL .....Tranquilo Cigars


MELBOURNE FL ...............Executive Cigar Lounge


ORMOND BEACH FL..........The Big Smoke


ST AUGUSTINE FL.............Isabella's Bar Cuba


BEAUFORT, SC.................Beaufort Tobacco


MAINE.............................Cigaret Shopper (7 locations)


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Elite Cigar Club in Rome, Italy

Well, this is Kit. If I can suggest one thing, read His book Spanish Cedar (, a collection of writings about the experiences of one cigar smoker. Do not forget to light up your cigar while you are reading it.


-Maximum Busciolano-


*complete interview at

Kirkus Review - Spanish Cedar

Like a good cigar, this poetry collection opens up as one reads it, offering subtler insights and keener rhythms the deeper one goes.


Montecristo Cigar Club

"Kit Adams is the most inspired and best smoking cigar poet that I ever met..."


           Gus Venegas, Montecristo Cigar Club

           Brevard County, Florida

Vanderburgh Humidors

“Honestly, I really love it.  It's poetry... It meanders, it's surprising, it's unpredictable, and it's spontaneous.  I think as a collection of [cigar] poetry, you have hit it pretty darn good!”


           Eddie DeJong-Vanderburgh, Vanderburgh Humidors

Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge

“A cup of coffee, a great stick, and [Spanish Cedar] make for a great afternoon.


           Tony Nardone, Owner, Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge

           Melbourne, Florida

Paradise Cigarz

“Some of these poems hit what we are trying to do here at Paradise Cigarz. A cigar … is a way of unwinding and relaxing. I was honored to read this [collection of poems].”


           Brook, Owner, Paradise Cigarz

           Rockledge, Florida

The Cigar Authority - Podcast

"But there are a lot of interesting poems in here. A lot of them do name cigars. It’s a nice read for inside a hammock with a cigar and a brandy or rum by your side. So, if poetry is your thing, you might want to check out this book ... or if you are a collector of cigar stuff."


           The Cigar Authority

           September 27, 2014 podcast

ladies of the leaf aficionadas society

"My fellow cigar smoking friend, Christopher Adams, wrote a book....a book of poetry . This collection of poetry was inspired from the leaf. He captures the passion, the fun ...the thoughts and feelings of the cigar experience. I am truly enjoying this book! I hope cigar shops stock their shelves with this book....would make a great gift for a loved one. Thank you Christopher for allowing me to be entertained and mesmerized by your words!"


Kimberly Reeger

ladies of the leaf aficionadas society


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Spanish Cedar

by Christopher Robin "Kit" Adams
Indialantic, Florida