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Enjoy "Brothers of the Leaf Reading".  The transcript is below the video.

Brothers of the Leaf
by Christopher Robin Adams
“What do you do at the cigar shop?” “We talk.”
After a bit, time melts,
eddies on its way,
ripples across the floor and out the door,
drains into the soil,
and then we cannot see it. It does not affect us.
It cannot slip us up, nor will it slow us down.
Like sand crabs on Atlantic beaches,
we become oblivious to time.
Moving rapidly over the hills
and into the valleys of conversation,
through tangles of language which,
like grass and rocks and shrubs transform approaches,
we change who we are and alter what we would have been
had time not melted,
dripped and flowed and washed away.
Like water soaking into Florida sand,
I’m sure some evaporated, too, but I cannot confirm that.
It disappears from our presence, when we are not watching it.
It melts and is gone.
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Spanish Cedar

by Christopher Robin "Kit" Adams
Indialantic, Florida